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Dr. Dre ... Endures BRAIN ANEURYSM ... Offers Encouraging Message

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 8:12 PM PT - Dre just posted a message expressing gratitude toward everybody for their adoration and backing, saying, "Because of my family, companions and fans for their advantage and well wishes. I'm doing incredible and getting magnificent consideration from my clinical group. I will be out of the clinic and back home soon. Holler to all the extraordinary clinical experts at Cedars. One Love!!" 

Dr.Dre is at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in the wake of enduring a cerebrum aneurysm.  

Sources associated with Dre and with direct information advise us, Dre endured the aneurysm Monday and was hurried by emergency vehicle to Cedars and was taken straightforwardly to ICU, where he remains Tuesday. 

Our sources state the 55-year-old music head honcho is steady and clear, yet specialists don't have the foggiest idea what caused the draining and they are doing a battery of tests. 

As you probably are aware, Dre is in a disagreeable separation with his antagonized spouse Nicole. As we announced, Nicole needs $2 million every month in transitory spousal help and $5 million for lawyer charges, however Dre says he's been paying every last bit of her costs so the $2 mil request was amazing. He additionally says the lawyer's charges are unbelievable since her legal advisors have just been chipping away at the case for a couple of months. 

Also, as we announced, Nicole needs an adjudicator to dismiss the prenuptial understanding she endorsed in 1996, guaranteeing Dre tore it up from the get-go in the marriage. Dre emphatically rejects that. 

There's a conference Wednesday in midtown L.A. on the two issues. Clearly, Dre won't join in and we're expecting the adjudicator will proceed with the issue.



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